Key Financial Figures

Revenues in the first nine months of 2020 amounted to EUR 24.0 million (H1 2019: EUR 11.4 million).

 Nine-month period ended September 30 Financial year ended December 31
(in EUR thousands, unless otherwise stated)
Adjusted EBITDA(3)(811)(1,880)(2,277)(285)548
Adjusted EBITDA margin(4)(3.4%)(16.5%)(15.0%)(2.1%)5.0%

(1) The Company defines Gross Profit margin as gross profit divided by revenues.
(2) The Company defines EBITDA as the sum of (i) EBIT, (ii) amortisation of intangible assets, and (iii) depreciation of property, plant and equipment and right-of-use assets.
(3) The Company defines Adjusted EBITDA as the sum of (i) EBITDA and (ii) adjustments for one-off effects.
(4) The Company defines Adjusted EBITDA margin as Adjusted EBITDA divided by revenues.