Compleo develops and manufactures charging stations for EVs and offer charging solution services to enable an emission-free mobility


Increased environmental awareness, the desire to limit the rise in global temperatures and policies supporting the reduction of carbon emissions within power generation are currently driving the energy transition. The energy transition can be described as a long-term structural change in the way energy is generated, stored, transported and consumed. A number of intergovernmental agreements have been passed to stabilize the concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere at a level that prevents dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system.

The Paris Agreement aims to keep the global temperature increase this century well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. In order to comply with the Paris Agreement, the EU adopted a 2030 climate and energy framework. With its '2030 Strategy' the EU targets a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels of at least 40%, a minimum of 32% renewable energy generation and at least a 32.5% improvement in energy efficiency.

With our products and services, we contribute to making this transformation for a "green future" possible. We at Compleo develop and manufacture charging stations for EVs and offer charging solution services to enable an emission-free mobility. According to the EU, cars are responsible for around 12% of total EU emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the main greenhouse gas. Compleo expects that the adoption of EVs will play a key role in achieving the longer-term goals of the global energy transition and will reshape the global car market in the coming decades. With the roll-out of renewable energy, especially Solar and Wind energy, a new zero-carbon energy economy is emerging. The local rollout of renewables will lead to decentralized and lower cost of energy production. This energy can be used locally in the future for charging a EV and will therefore lead to a democratization of energy production and usage without the influence of oligopoly driven structures from the traditional energy giants.

The development of charging infrastructure can be seen as a prerequisite for the mass adoption of EVs. In a survey conducted by the German TÜV association, 39% of the participants name as a reason not to buy EVs that charging stations are not easily accessible or that there are too few charging stations (Verband der TÜV e. V., Mobility Studie 2020). Therefore, better availability of EV charging infrastructure could remove a perceived obstacle for potential buyers of EVs and increase EV sales.

Compleo offers both technically advanced AC and DC charging stations intended for public and semi-public, fleet and employee charging applications. Compleo complements its product offering with turnkey projects and after sales services. Thanks to its market-leading technology the Company has built up a strong customer base and has delivered more than 25,000 charging points in Europe since 2009, the majority in its German home market.


Our vision is to achieve a zero-emission reality not only for the future but also today.  Therefore Compleo complies with the international environmental management standard ISO 14001, which certifies that Compleo has developed environmental objectives relating to its energy and resource consumption and that it implements, monitors and optimizes its processes to achieve these objectives. Compleo also aims to increase its reporting capabilities relating to environmental impact of its production processes in the future.

Measures to reduce the consumption of resources have also been implemented. This is reflected, for instance, in the introduction of LED lighting and work to reduce energy loss during end-of-line testing of charging stations. A further step is the conversion to a fully electric vehicle fleet, which should reduce emissions. In the future, Compleo plans to increase its use of renewable energy by installing a photovoltaic system in the planned new production facilities.


Compleo has a certified integrated management system for occupational health and safety and quality management systems according to ISO 45001 and ISO 9001. Compleo further follows clear labor standards and its Code of Conduct states that it will not source from or engage with stakeholders that are involved in child labor, extortion, forced labor, or illegal work. It has deliberately chosen many of its partners to be based in the European Union to counter potential violations.

Furthermore, collective wages are paid in the commercial sector, which limits the potential for wage disparities to an extent. Compleo’s Code of Conduct states that it does not discriminate based on employee views, beliefs, social background, ancestry, beliefs, sexual orientations, identities, physical characteristics or other distinguishing features that differentiate themselves from others.

Compleo is ISO 45001 certified and strives to reduce workplace accidents. In 2019 and 2020, four workplace accidents have been recorded.


Compleo recently changed its legal form to become an “Aktiengesellschaft” and is thus continuing its efforts to establish the appropriate governance structures. Its Code of Conduct advocates transparent and legally sound business operations.

The management team combines experience in the e-mobility industry, capital markets and in managing growth companies. All of the management team are shareholders of the company. The supervisory board consists of three members, all of whom are elected by the Company's shareholders' meeting (Hauptversammlung). In addition, a worker's council has been established to represent the interests and concerns of employees within the company.