Focus: Environment

Focus: Environment

Environmental protection is not only close to our hearts when it comes to our products – that's why we also want to continuously become more sustainable in the development and manufacture of our products.

Our goal: Sustainable production at Compleo

Compleo's vision is to achieve an emission-free everyday life as quickly as possible, not at some point in the future. In our organization, we implement an Integrated Management System (IMS), and as part of this we comply, among other things, with the international environmental management standard ISO 14001, which certifies that we have set clear environmental targets for reducing our own consumption of energy and raw materials.

However, the lowest-emission energy is clearly not consumed energy – which is why we have implemented numerous measuresto save energy at our site in Dortmund. For example, we use economical and low-maintenance LED lamps throughout: these replace 269 fluorescent tubes and, according to our estimates, save over 41,000 kWh of electricity per year – in other words, as much energy as around 14 households consume in a year. And: future company vehicles will be solely electric according to our corporate policy.

Our consumption data

We consume energy for electricity, heating and transport as part of our business activities. Electricity consumption in 2020 totaled 228.8 MWh (2019: 170.8 MWh). Since October 2020, Compleo has been purchasing electricity from renewable sources. Our building is heated with natural gas; in 2020, 447,557 kWh (2019: 432,087 kWh) of energy was consumed for this purpose.

Even though the absolute energy consumption increased compared to 2019, we grew strongly in 2020 and were able to more than double our sales. In relation to sales, we were able to significantly improve energy efficiency: from 55,598 kWh per one EUR million of sales in 2019, energy use in 2020 has fallen to 36,151.60 kWh kWh per one EUR million of sales in 2020. This is a reduction of 35%. In terms of sales, we were able to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by a full 38% in 2020 to 9.06t CO2e kWh per one EUR million of sales (2019: 14.56t CO2e kWh per one EUR million). We want to consolidate these successes in the coming years.

Where we cannot avoid waste, we invest in recycling. New from 2021 is the separate collection of small electrical appliances and organic waste. Our goal is to improve the implementation of waste separation throughout the company and to introduce a new waste directive for all sites, which will not only enable us to separate waste specifically, but also to keep an accurate waste inventory.

We are clearing some other hurdles as we go along: water consumption and wastewater from production do not occur. Nor do the dust and noise emissions from our modern CNC machines. This means that our impact on the environment in these areas remains negligible.

Environmental key figures at a glance:

Indicator 2019 2020 Change in percent
Sales in € million 15,2 33,1 117,8 %
Electricity consumption in MWh 170,8 228,8 33,9 %
Electricity consumption in MWh per EUR million of sales11,26,9-38,5 %
Share of renewable energies in power consumption* - 25,1 % n/a
Gas consumption in MWh 432,1 447,6 3,6 %
Gas consumption in MWh per EUR million of sales28,413,5-52,4 %
Energy consumption gasoline and diesel vehicles in MWh** 241,9 521,4 115,5 %
Energy consumption gasoline and diesel vehicles in MWh** per EUR million of sales15,915,8-1,0 %
Greenhouse gas emissions in t CO2e 221,2 300,2 35,7 %
Greenhouse gas emissions in t CO2e per EUR million of sales14,569,06-37,8 %
Amount of waste in t (total) 59,0 131,7 123,0 %
Amount of waste in t per EUR million of sales3,94,02,4 %
   Waste wood in t 10,8 45,8 324,7 %
   Foils in t 1,5 2,0 40,7 %
   Paper and cardboards in t 13,0 21,1 62,6 %
   Copper scrap and cable** in t 5,8 4,8 -16,9 %
   Waste for recycling in t 28,1 42,3 50,7 %
   Household-type commercial waste / residual waste in t - 14,3 n/a
   Recyclable material in t - 1,3 n/a

* From October 2020, Compleo has purchased electricity from 100% renewable energy sources. The share of renewable energies in the previous electricity mix is not shown separately.
** For 2019 only recorded from March

Read more about our environmental performance in the current Annual Report 2020 (pp. 14-16).