Focus: Governance

Focus: Governance

Extensive management experience in e-mobility and growth companies.

Our corporate principles

We have clear ethical principles and expectations of ourselves and of our employees, suppliers and partners. These principles are set out in our Code of Conduct. We strive to ensure that our suppliers and partners comply with this Code of Conduct and are not involved in child labor, extortion, forced labor or other illegal forms of labor, and aim to establish appropriate monitoring for this. Nevertheless, many of our partners come from countries in the European Union, so the risk of human rights violations among our Tier 1 suppliers is comparatively low.

Our management team

Our excellent employees need equally good management: Compleo has an experienced Supervisory Board and management team that is well versed in the e-mobility industry, interaction with the capital market, M&A transactions and the management of growth companies. Our four board members are as co-CEOs Checrallah Kachouh and Georg Griesemann, the COO Jens Stolze and since January 1, 2021 CFO Peter Gabriel. Our Supervisory Board includes three experienced members: these include Compleo co-founder and Managing Director of EBG Group Dag Hagby, tax consultant and auditor as well as member of the Supervisory Board of KPMG Germany Dr. Bert Böttcher, and Ralf Schöpker, Managing Director of HELIMA GmbH. In addition, a works council was established to represent the interests and concerns of employees within the company.

Checrallah Kachouh

Georg Griesemann

Jens Stolze

Peter Gabriel

ESG responsibility at Compleo

Sustainability doesn't just happen on the side for us: within the management team, COO Jens Stolze is responsible for the sustainability strategy and its consistent implementation. He is supported in this responsible task by a competent team led by the Sustainability Manager Lyonelsy Medina and the Head of Investor Relations Sebastian Grabert.

More information on our governance structures can be found in the current Annual Report 2020 (p. 18).